To be a hotel that continues to be chosen first.

Many guests have chosen Kyoto Dai-ichi Hotel , and we have come this far.
And in order to continue to be the "first" hotel to be chosen in the future,We promise that we will continue to evolve day by day in order to think of our guests "first" and provide them with the "most satisfactory" service.
We look forward to your continued patronage for many years to come.


Excellent access as it is the first bus to arrive.

We recommend parking your car at Kyoto Dai-ichi Hotel and taking the city bus to various sightseeing spots in the city! Many buses depart from the Kujo Shako-mae bus terminal, allowing you to reach major tourist attractions without changing trains.


Convenient as there is a flat parking lot (45 spaces)

45 spaces, indoors (for 15 normal cars) and outdoors (for 30 normal cars). The parking lot is on the hotel grounds, so you can get off the car and walk right to the front desk! Convenient even if you have a lot of luggage.
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Space for relaxation

From the moment you step inside, you can feel the anticipation of your trip to Kyoto, and we will add color to your trip through tradition, culture, and art.
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Book Lounge

All guest rooms have a toilet with a personal water spray feature for washing, a hair dryer, and USB outlets by every bedside.


This is a photo gallery containing the relaxing spaces and art that decorates the hotel.


Books OGAKI select books based on the concept of "making travel more fun and expanding travel experiences through knowing," and provide encounters with books.


It is a 6-minute walk from Hachijo West Exit of JR Kyoto Station.Serving the needs of guests with highly convenient accessibility.

Tourist information on Kyoto
Kyoto City Tourism Association
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